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100% Infrared Treatment
Anti-Cellulite and Slimming

Dual Action Guam Anti-cellulite and slimming treatment pack is perfect for those who want to reduce cellulite, tighten the skin and get the slimmer, leaner body shape. Guam Far Infrared Rays products create an intense heating effect that helps to reach your body goals faster and naturally.

The synergizing heating effect of all products will be focused on maximum reducing the fatty deposits under your skin caused by cellulite to give your skin a firmer, tighter appearance.

Treatment includes:
  • Original Seaweed Body Wrap. 1.1LB/2.2LB
  • 24Hr Boosting Gel, 8.5oz
  • Extra Slimming Cream, 5oz

Guam Far Infrared Ray Products

The original formula with the renowned properties of GUAM Seaweed (21%), finely ground Marine Clays and natural highly active plant extracts and essential oils, selected and optimized to reduce cellulite and related skin imperfections FAST and NATURALLY.

New FIR formulas contain a higher concentration of Seaweed harvested from uncontaminated ocean that has a highly effective lipolytic and regenerating effects, and Black Tourmaline, a pure finely micronized natural mineral that has an ability to perceive the heat of the human body and reflect it back in the form of FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR) to enhance the cellulite removal process.

This Treatment consists of all our best FIR products and includes the following full-sized items:
Step 1

Original Body Wrap is clinically proven to reduce cellulite on legs and buttocks in one treatment due to unique formula harnesses the power of Black Tourmaline, Marine Extracts, and European Botanicals to firm and tone so you can always feel confident.

Apply this Body Wrap 3 days in a row first days, then once per another day, then 2 times per week.

Step 2

Designed to enhance the effects of any Guam Seaweed Mud Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap for a full 24 hours, this slimming and firming cream-gel formula uses uniquely potent natural extracts backed by cell-energizing Infrared technology to smooth away unwanted cellulite. 

Apply it right after your Body Wrap to prolong the effect up to 24 hours.

Step 3

This highly potent Slimming body cream reduces cellulite and fat deposits under the skin, even the most stubborn ones, localized on the thighs and buttocks, produced with nanoparticles of a special mineral, Black Tourmaline, significantly enhance the lipolytic and anti-cellulite effect of the cream.

Apply it daily.


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