Tummy Tightening Creams and Body Wraps for Cellulite on Stomach

Due to how the woman's body built cellulite in the stomach is considered to be the most stubborn one. That is why GUAM developed a unique Infrared Seaweed Stomach Wrap that specifically targets the stomach cellulite with Infrared Heat to melt down fatty tissue deposits under your skin by re-emitting the heat of your own body. Besides this unique effect provided by the Black Tourmaline mineral, each body wrap consists of a powerful mix of potent Seaweed, different Sea Clays, Botanical Extracts, and potent Essential Oil selection to fight stubborn stomach cellulite.

In addition, Guam created the Stomach Tightening Creams for even more intensive reshaping and reduction of the cellulite on the stomach. Stomach Firming Cream can be used to enhance the effect of the stomach wrap or as a stand-alone anti-cellulite treatment with a visible slimming effect. Tummy cream firms and tightens loose skin on the stomach relieves puffiness from water retention, enhances the breakdown of fatty tissues.

Tummy Tightening Cream for Stomach Cellulite with Infrared Heat

Restore that tight, sleek tummy with Pancia e Girovita - Guam Tummy Tightening cream for cellulite specifically made to firm your belly and waist area. Formulated with Black Tourmaline this infrared stomach tightening cream reduces fatty tissue on the abdomen area,...

Duo Slimming Tummy Cream, Stomach Skin Tightening

Guam Duo Pancia e Girovita tummy cream - an innovative skin tightener for stomach with Guam Seaweed, Noirmoutier sea spring water, and Pink Pepper extract. This hot action cellulite stomach cream targets stubborn fat deposits under the subcutaneous layer of the stomach...

150ML/5.07 Oz
Tummy Tightening Cellulite Stomach Wrap with Infrared Heat

Specifically designed to firm and tighten belly area, this anti-cellulite stomach wrap uses a special blend of natural Essential Oils and Guam Seaweed Mud with Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to get dramatic results from the very first treatment. This tummy...

1.1LB Jar
2.2LB Jar