GUAM Technologies

GUAM is devoted to providing its customers with the best skincare products containing the finest-quality bioactive ingredients in their highest concentrations to ensure optimal benefits. To help you reap the most out of your GUAM products, cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques are used during the acquisition of the ingredients from natural sources and manufacturing
of the products.

1. Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

A series of research studies and clinical trials on the Guam original seaweed mud filled with plenty of active minerals and other compounds have yielded exceptional results, thanks to the FIR action of Black Tourmaline, a pure and potent marine mineral compound.

The key benefits of Guam original seaweed mud come from its ability to increase the skin’s temperature by generating far infrared rays. Far infrared energy works on a deeper level to stimulate microcirculation to the skin, delivering higher amounts of oxygen and essential nutrients to the cells and tissues.

Why the Skin Needs FIR?

Far infrared energy is touted as one of the most effective advanced technologies which help to keep the skin in its best shape and ensure its overall wellbeing. The role of heat in reducing and treating a myriad of skin woes is backed by science. Heat energy is known to boost the circulatory system, meltdown the fat deposits in connective tissue, and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

On the basis of these propositions, Lacote has conducted a number of research studies to explore the association of Guam seaweed mud, comprising Marine Algae, Marine Clay, and Essential Oils, with other natural active mineral compounds. The studies recognized the power of micronized Black Tourmaline mineral in helping to achieve significantly desirable results from Guam seaweed mud.

Far Infrared Rays generated by Black Tourmaline in the body are naturally-produced electromagnetic radiations that are used in the beauty world and as a medical therapy for their effectiveness in maintaining our wellbeing.

The Main Four Benefits of FIR

Here are the four major ways FIR can improve your skin’s appearance and health, aiding in getting rid of numerous skin problems:

  • Accelerate Blood Circulation

Far Infrared waves in the form of natural heat energy have the ability to penetrate all the layers of the skin and reach even the underlying connective tissues (the innermost part of the tissues as well). It means that FIR can work on a deeper level to alleviate and reduce the causes behind saggy, uneven, and bumpy skin when added to Guam seaweed mud.

FIR, which are usually of 4 to 14 microns, and the resulting negative ions can affect and regulate microcirculation, offering many significant skin benefits and treating a plethora of skin issues.

  • Deliver More Oxygen to the Cells

The microcirculation-boosting action of FIR helps to transport higher levels of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the skin, restoring the skin’s radiance, suppleness, and smoothness. These rays of energy work on a straight-forward and natural mechanism, which involves amassing the solar spectrum soaked up by the body in a reactive manner. The waves trap the heat energy produced by the body and transmit it back into the cells and tissues in the form of far infrared heat energy, yielding skin benefits on a cellular level.

  • Draw Out Toxins

Another important function performed by FIR in the skin is the removal
of toxic wastes and excess water from the cells and tissues. The buildup of
these toxins and extra fluids in the cellscan lead to many skin issues, like
inflammation, puffiness, and heaviness. Lymphatic wastes and excess water can impair microcirculation and interfere with cellular energy. Far Infrared Rays can
speed up the lymphatic system and flush out these toxins and water.

  • Break Down Lipid Deposits

The release of Far Infrared energy and the subsequent increase in the skin’s temperature result in an increased agitation of atoms and molecules in the cells and tissues. When the Far Infrared waves enter the skin, the water molecules locked inside the body go through an energization process, which separates them and divides the lipids accumulated under the skin.
The vibration of ions and water molecules accelerates the enzymes in the body that generate nitrogen monoxide. Nitrogen monoxide caused vasodilation effect, which leads to faster and deeper penetration of active compounds of Guam Seaweed mud and other products with FIR.

FIR Treatment for All Your Skin Needs

A range of Guam products is formulated with marine mineral Black Tourmaline to harness the Far Infrared energy of the compound. Different formulas are designed for different skin problems and types to encourage blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, detoxify the skin, and repair skin damage. Products with FIR induce a shock treatment and yield a tingling sensation when applied to the skin.

FIR Test and Research Results

Clinical studies showed an average increase of 1.8° C to
2.6° C in the temperature of the skin 15 minutes after removing Guam Seaweed Mud in the participants of the studies who applied the mud. Studies performed by the University of Genoa identified the efficacy of Guam Seaweed Mud with FIR in synergy with Black tourmaline in allowing the mineral particles to absorb the body’s heat and re-emit it as FIR.

2. LipoactiveNanospheres

Another one of the wonders of the state-of-the-art technology used at Guam is microscopic particles or capsules, called nanospheres. The nanotechnology helps to create these double-layered capsules filled with natural active ingredients. The diameter of dermoactivenanospheres is 220 nanometers, which is 220 millionths of a millimeter. The nanospheres are made of biodegradable and biocompatible substances to make the particles safe for the environment and living beings.

The course of action through which these nanospheres work resembles a lock and key mechanism. Peptide structures on the outer surface of the nanospheres identify and attach tospecific cells for which they are designed, offering a targeted treatment for various skin problems at a cellular level. Nanospheres in skincare products are mostly added to formulas to bind to fibroblasts, adipocytes, melanocytes, and keratinocytes and deliver active compounds into these cells.

When nanospheres penetrate the skin’s epidermal layer and attach to the targeted cells, they discharge active ingredients encapsulated in them inside the cells. As a result, active compounds are delivered faster and deeper into the skin, providing optimal and quick benefits of the natural components of nanospheres.

The nanosphere technology is used in Guam formulas to deliver the powerful and pure plant-based ingredients to specific spots or problem areas, such as loose or wrinkled skin, cellulite-ridden parts of the body, swollen or heavy legs, stubborn subcutaneous fat pockets, and dull, dehydrated skin.

3. Bioactivity Complex

One of the major components of Guam body and skincare products is high amounts of natural antioxidant ingredients contained in Guam Algae and other botanical compounds added to the formulas. To obtain maximum antioxidant compounds from seaweed, the bio-liquefaction method is used to process Guam seaweed. The resulting extract, also called bioactivity complex, is packed with three times the higher antioxidant powers of seaweed as compared to regular seaweed extract used in skincare formulations. The bio-liquefaction process helps to even procure the elements of seaweed, which otherwise can’t be extracted through mainstream techniques.

The antioxidant-rich bioactivity complex is specifically useful in removing lymphatic waste materials and excess water from the skin, reducing puffiness caused by water and toxin retention. It also guards the skin cells against oxidative damage and keeps the skin’s outer barrier intact, acting as a shield against external harmful agents. The free-radical shielding effect makes bioactivity complex an ideal solution for treating and preventing signs of aging, like wrinkles, brown spots, and fine lines. Therefore, it’s used during the manufacturing of Guam SeaTherapy skincare products to deliver the extraordinary restoring, nourishing, moisturizing, and hydrating components of seaweed deep into the skin.

4. Guam Emana® Fabric

The space-age technology was originally employed by NASA to design spacesuits for their astronauts, which were mainly intended to keep microcirculation steady during long periods of inactivity. The same fabric is used in conjunction with Emana® Guam technology to produce advanced and stylish leggings which offer firming, toning, and anti-cellulite benefits. The smart material of the leggings is polyamide microfiber that contains mineral crystals of bioactive compounds.

These crystals soak up the body’s natural heat and transmit it back into the skin in the form of Far Infrared Rays. The Far Infrared energy stimulates the circulatory system, delivering a steady supply of oxygen and nutrient-filled blood to the skin. Since these bioactive mineral particles are embedded into the fabric, they don’t get depleted and can work for the whole life of the leggings.

Furthermore, hundreds of microcapsules of Guam Algae are integrated into the yarn of the Emana® material. These microcapsules are released into the skin, where they deliver active compounds of Guam seaweed into the cells. The capsules of seaweed perform their rejuvenating, remineralizing, hydrating, lipolytic, and detoxifying actions until the ingredients of Guam Algae are exhausted. However, microencapsulated seaweed is absorbed slowly into the skin, so it lasts for many weeks.

Benefits of Guam Non-FIR Technology

Here are some of the prominent ways Guam Non-FIR technologies work to reduce and treat a number of skin issues:

  • IntenseLipolyticEffect

Guam technologies other than FIR work effectively to initiate the breakdown of fat cells in connective tissue, which are one of the causes behind the formation of cellulite. Nanosphere technology, in particular, allows the lipolytic ingredients of Guam anti-cellulite products to reach deep into the skin and target subcutaneous pockets of lipids.

  • Deep Nourishment and Hydration

Advanced nanosphere, bioactivity complex, and microencapsulation technologies used during the manufacturing of Guam products allow the penetration of natural nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing compounds deep into the cells, making the skin appear and feel supple, radiant, and smooth.

  • Powerful Antioxidant Action

Guam technologies are a product of various potent antioxidant ingredients taken from natural sources. Bioactivity complex is specifically known for its unmatched antioxidant benefits, which make it great for anti-aging and protective effects for the skin.

  • Removal of Water Retention

Mineral crystals of bioactive compounds and microcapsules of marine algae embedded in Guam Emana fabric amp up the lymphatic system, facilitating the removal of excess water from the legs, thighs, and buttocks, which give them swollen and inflamed appearance.