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Why Offer GUAM Body Wraps in Spa Salon?

Thousands of women were very excited finally seeing GUAM in the US as it's very well known in Europe and an ultimate lovemark in Italy. GUAM has over 35 years of history and experience specifically in anti-cellulite treatments.

There is no other company that has been focused on this particular skin concern for that long making GUAM a world leader in a professional body skincare.
Guam Body Products

Most Established Anti-cellulite Brand

Nature + Sience
Originated in Italy 35 years ago, Guam is renowned for providing its users with highly potent body wraps for cellulite formulated with the finest-quality natural compounds.
Seaweed harvested from the uncontaminated ocean using old traditional methods is rich in minerals clinically proven to restore, rejuvenate skin and fight the appearance of cellulite.

Unique Formula Proven by Clinical Tests
Clinical studies support the effectiveness of Guam Cellulite Wraps in breaking down fat deposits, improving microcirculation, drawing out toxins, and restoring the skin’s elasticity. Guam Algae Extract and Black Tourmaline are 2 main ingredients to reduce cellulite naturally and fast. Customers notice skin tightening effect after the first application and a loss of 2.5 cm in thighs circumference after just 1 month of regular usage.

Clean Product
Harsh ingredients free: No Parabens, Silicones, Paraffins, Synthetic dyes, Lanoline.
And, of course, GUAM is sustainable, 100% vegan and Cruelty-free :)
Happy Customers

Happy Customers

High Satisfaction Rate
GUAM Seaweed Cellulite Formula has millions of the satisfied customers all over the world. Up to 74% satisfied with the product and noticed improvements in reduction of adiposity and cellulite, reduction of the thigh, firmness and skin elasticity and general well-being.

Great Variety
We don't produce one-size-fits-all spa body wrapping products as we are all very different and have different skin concerns. We offer from Hot Infrared and Cooling formulas, draining and anti-swelling muds as well as speciality products designed to target stubborn abdomen area (tummy muds) so you can use a very custom approach towards your dear customers!

Let's Talk Numbers!
Professional sizes available only for beauty professionals for spa body wrapping will lower down your expenses to $7 per procedure performed. Usually a course of 6 to 10 procedures per customer needed to get a good visible result.
Guam Free Samples

Free Samples

Try it before you buy it!
You can test our spa body wraps in your salon to see if your client would enjoy it!
We offer a set of our best anti-cellulite and slimming body wraps to spa professionals to see which one will work the best for you and them.

What else?
- Convenient Wholesale portal that keeps the record of your past orders
- Great customer support and product consultations.
- Wholesale prices

You also can sell any supportive GUAM products at your salon with a great wholesale markup for some extra profit!

What Do You Need to Start Guam body Wrapping in Spa Salon

How to become Guam Partner? Very easy!
All you need to be a registered business located with in the US.
As we want more salons to come and try our products we reduced the minimum order to just $249 in product costs.


We are welcoming all beauticians, estheticians, salon owners to join GUAM family and get an access to the best quality spa body wraps for your clients!
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