The discovery of the algae GUAM

LACOTE was founded in 1986 after its founder Egidio Siena, an expert in beauty treatments and a great lover of the sea, visited the port of Brest in Brittany. He was immediately struck by two things: the imposing lighthouse that dominates the landscape and an incredible line-up of boats, similar to common fishing boats, full of seaweed. He discovered that local fishermen consider seaweed as precious as fishes and mollusks; that is why every year since 1600, at the beginning of the summer, they collect seaweed from the seabed with a tool called “scoubidou” as well as farmers harvest wheat every year. Then seaweed is taken ashore and naturally dried in the sun and wind.

After a few days, they become a dry and thick soil that is milled until it turns into flour: a real pure concentrate of seaweed, rich in olygo-elements, minerals, and vitamins.

Seaweed processed in this way was used to cure obesity and rheumatism and as the ingredients for traditional recipes for wellness, beauty, and care of the skin. 

Egidio Siena returned to Italy anxious to personally test the benefits of the seaweed. Exploiting his experience in the field of natural products, he elaborates a mud mixing together seaweed, clay and natural extracts.

He gives a sample of this preparation to a research laboratory in order to scientifically determine the benefits; a study was carried out with the collaboration of women volunteers who applied the product to thighs and buttocks.

Since the very first applications, the volunteers had proof of loss in thigh circumference, verifying in person a reduction of imperfections and blemishing. Their skin turns smoother, softer and brighter. 

In the mid 80’s, exactly when the beauty market took hold, Egidio Siena founded the company SCHOTE SRL to distribute the product and verify effectiveness and satisfaction on a large scale.

The seaweed mud is soon appreciated by an increasing number of women who literally try it “on their skin” and personally see the results; the word soon spreads, and the women who choose Guam Seaweed Mud to become the key factor for the success of the product. 

The production hardly keeps up with the demand. The stock runs out fast because of the seasonality of the harvesting; so, trips to Brittany become regular, mostly to make agreements with the fishermen in order to increase the supply of seaweed. 

The decisive step was taken in 1990 with the expansion of the company through the new company “LACOTE”, the start of large-scale production (but always in respect of the fundamental “artisan nature” of the product) and the distribution through herbalists’ shops and chemist’s.