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Thanks to its remineralising and dermo protective properties that reduce Cellulite* and fat deposits under the skin, GUAM Algae patented formula is uniquely potent working in the subcutaneous level of the skin. GUAM Seaweed Mud is clinically proven to reduce Cellulite* and a 2cm reduction of thigh circumference after the first application. 

Scientific research on seaweed proves that when used in muds and baths it helps to fight cellulite and skin ageing. Seaweed must however preserve all the original properties of the plant in order to retain its remineralising and dermo protective properties that reduce Cellulite* and fatty deposits.

Cold mixing and processing methods must be adopted to maintain and preserve the unchanged characteristics of the plants. Guam powdered seaweed formula is mixed with a unique green clay, blended with phyto-extracts of Ivy and horse chestnuts to stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Essential oils of oregano and lemon are added to increase cell permeability, firming and toning.

Yes, There are. GUAM conducted numerous studies, researches and Efficacy Tests in cooperation with trusted European Universities.  

There are some of them: 

- Scientific research and technological development project financed by the European community program “ QUALITY OF LIFE AND MANAGEMENT OF LIVING RESOURCES” NO. QLK3-CT-2001-70571  

- Assessment of the efficacy of a cosmetic treatment coadjutant the treatment of the cellulite-derived skin imperfections [2018] 2018 FANGHI D'ALGA GUAM FIR Study by Lacoste Slr.


- A clinical test for GUAM anti-cellulite properties  here.

We use many active ingredients in Guam to achieve a best result with the specific skin issue. Here are the main ones that are highly efficient providing benefits to fight cellulite and other skin imperfections. 

Guam Seaweed. Re-mineralizing and skin protection, act effectively reducing cellulite (skin blemish) and fat deposits in the skin. They fight free radicals and skin aging, smoothing the tissues, facilitating the drainage of excess fluids and adjusting the moisture balance. Rich in iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, minerals salts essential for healthy skin tropism, they have depurative and emollient properties. 

Clays. Thanks to the presence of silica, iron and other trace elements the clay has several properties, from a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect to a cleansing and exfoliating action. 

phytoextract of Ivy. It plays a regulatory effect on the wall of the skin capillaries, and thanks to the presence of saponins reduces edematous states. It’s useful to improve and normalize the moisture balance, and to maintain skin elasticity. 

Fucus vesiculosus seaweed extract. Astringent, toning, is able to cause dilation of the capillaries facilitating the absorption through the skin of the functional principles contained in the seaweed mud. 

Phytoextract of horse chestnut. Tt improves the skin circulation, makes the skin softer. It has decongestant, astringent and anti-cellulite properties.

Essential oils of lemon and oregano. Purifying, astringent and toning properties.

The many beneficial properties of Guam Seaweed are recognized by scientific research: seaweed has excellent remineralizing, detoxifying and anti-cellulite properties; it restores the skin’s natural hydrolipidic balance, delays aging. 

The topical use of Marine Algae (Seaweed) is the most efficient approach of using seaweed to reduce cellulite, mostly in the form of body wraps. A hot wrap urges a human body to sweat, which makes impurities leave the skin and the body. 

Seaweed body wraps additionally defoliate dead skin from the body, which hinders the surface from appropriately absorbing moisture and nutrition. When the dead skin is removed, the seaweed rich with proteins, lipids, minerals and nutrients, force your skin to absorb these essential properties on the natural plant. It also improves skin microcirculation which adds a glow and smoothness to the skin.

Yes, Guam products Active Ingredients are proudly all natural. 

GUAM Seaweed has always been selected, harvested and processed according to traditional methods so as to retain all the effective properties of the plant that is useful for the body. Seaweed must be harvested selecting the youngest and most vital plants in full respect of the environment’s equilibrium. 

GUAM harvests its seaweed during the same period every year and from the same area of the ocean bed. In the month of May, when the seaweed is young, harvesting begins. On board boats, harvesters use an ancient tool known as the “scoubidou” to extract the plants from the seabed and remove all the water from them. 

GUAM Seaweed is brought ashore and then laid out in huge fields to be dried and aired by the sun and ocean winds for 3 days. The ocean breeze will eliminate 80% of the water. It is then reduced down to a powder and transported to the factory. The airing and drying processes must take place immediately after harvesting using traditional methods.

The European Union Regulation on cosmetic products has expressly prohibited any tests on animals since 2004. GUAM Seaweed Mud wants to ensure its customers that the company never performed such testing and never will! 

GUAM Seaweed Muds are also cruelty-free, all vegan, paraben and sulfates-free, and hypoallergenic.

40% of the women who noticed improvements, noticed them since the very first applications. We recommend an intensive treatment of 1 months followed by a maintenance period with a weekly application for 4-6 months before expecting any real results.

During the application of GUAM Seaweed Mud, the active principles are only absorbed at skin level. 

Granted that any beauty product not specifically for use during pregnancy and breast feeding should always be used with caution during these special moments of a woman’s life, GUAM products do not contain any ingredient that interferes with breastfeeding. In addition, the topical application of the beauty product does not lead to systemic absorption. 

In any case, to be safe, we always recommend that you check with your doctor before use.

We are well aware that everyone is concerned about the coronavirus right now. All of our products have been in the US for over 2 months right now away from all coronavirus activity. We are sharing this information with you to let you know that the risk of being exposed to the virus is slim to none. We like everyone else, hope there is an end to the virus soon.