Guam Natural Seaweed Products

Highly potent natural ingredients fight signs of cellulite, skin sagging, swelling, water retention, aging, and stretch marks.

Guam Seaweed Cellulite Wraps and Creams are tailor made for each individual to understand their specific skin needs.

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    Anti-Cellulite Body Wraps

    Cellulite Wrap with GUAM Seaweed Mud is a shock treatment to obtain results from the first applications to reduce cellulite and fat deposits under the skin, decrease thigh swelling, as well as tone and firm your skin.

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    Cellulite in Stomach

    Effective and natural seaweed body wraps and creams to make your stomach cellulite-free and slim. Reduce the subcutaneous fatty layer in the abdomen and waist, eliminate skin sagging, restore its elasticity, reduce stomach volume.

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    Cellulite Creams

    GUAM mud-based anti-cellulite creams are suitable for daily use and are the best ally of GUAM Cellulite Wrap for a continuous and natural at-home cellulite reducing treatments and help reshaping your silhouette effortlessly.

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    Draining and Firming Creams

    Seaweed firming, draining and skin tightening creams to achieve flawless body contour.

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    Stretch Marks Creams

    Seaweed helps to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks on breasts, stomach, legs boosting the collagen production.

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    Anti-Cellulite Leggings

    Anti-cellulite legging with micro-capsules of Guam Seaweed releasing to your skin with every motion.


Our Best Anti-Cellulite Creams

Dual action of GUAM's Slimming and Anti-cellulite Creams have been clinically proven to have a strong effect in reducing cellulite on the stomach, legs, arms, and tightening stomach skin.

Spa-grade Cellulite treatments

at your home

Thanks to its remineralizing and dermoprotective properties that reduce Cellulite and fat deposits under the skin, GUAM Algae patented formula is uniquely potent working in the subcutaneous level of the skin.

Clinical trials prove visible reduction of cellulite after the first application and a loss of 2.5 cm after just 1 month of regular usage.

GUAM Seaweed Mud reduces cellulite effectively due to rich properties of Seaweed in synergy with the Marine Clays and Natural Herbal Ingredients.

Our Ingredients
Spa-grade Cellulite treatments <p>at your home</p>

Used by over 1,000,000 Italian women

GUAM Cellulite Body Wrap is one of the most effective non-invasive anti-cellulite home treatment highly appreciated by Italian women and women all over the world for reducing cellulite on the stomach, legs and buttocks.

It's effectiveness has been confirmed with 3 national GfK Eurisko surveys

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Benefits of Guam Seaweed Products

Natural and Efficient anti-cellulite body wraps and creams will help you get rid of cellulite in any stubborn area

Customer satisfaction:

up to 79%

satisfied with the product and noticed the improvements.

Customer loyalty:


customers continued using the product after the polls.

Visible results:


women noticed the result after the first application.

Seaweed Body Wraps

An original formula with the renowned properties of GUAM Seaweed (21%), finely ground Marine Clays and natural highly active plant extracts and essential oils, selected and optimized to reduce cellulite and related skin imperfections FAST and NATURALLY.

The study and experimentation that Lacote has made in recent years has given rise to an extraordinarily effective result incorporating BLACK TOURMALINE minerals in the preparation of Seaweed and Clays.

New Guam Seaweed Body Wraps formula contain a higher concentration of Seaweed harvested from uncontaminated ocean that has a highly effective lipolytic and regenerating effects. Black Tourmaline, a pure finely micronized natural mineral that has an ability to perceive the heat of the human body and reflect it back in the form of FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR) to enhance the cellulite removal process.

'2018 Efficacy Study