About the author Guam Beauty Yana Nesterova

Yana NesterovaYana Nesterova is the writer behind the Guam Beauty blog who firmly believes in the concept that beauty begins in a person’s head, not in the mirror. Therefore, she strives to encourage her readers, who are beauty and skincare enthusiasts, to bring mindfulness into their skincare rituals by making more conscious choices. Her philosophy is to enable her readers to salvage mental peace and optimal health by living more mindfully and achieving their skin and body goals through healthier choices.

She endorses green and cruelty-free brands that manufacture natural and organic skincare products and focus on clean beauty. She aims to promote the safest and most effective gateways to healthy and beautiful-looking skin and body, so nobody has to fret about side effects that accompany chemical-laden and synthetic skincare products.

Yana seeks to help her audience to make safer choices while buying their skincare and beauty products for the face and body to ensure that they only get their hands on potent formulas packed with high amounts of essential micronutrients. She advocates facial and body care products with natural active ingredients in their purest and concentrated forms that yield promising results.

Her blogs are aimed at familiarizing her readers with the benefits that come with plant-derived natural and organic skincare products and keeping them away from the nasty chemicals added to most mainstream beauty and skincare products. That’s why she approves skincare products by Guam Beauty which are a perfect synergy of natural bioactive compounds and advanced technology to provide optimal benefits. She is committed to bringing meaningful change in the skincare and beauty world through her work.